Forwarding & Shipping

Mosaic Packaging

Mosaic Packaging offers the following consumer solutions when effectively putting the orders.

All the costs involved with quick manufacturing procedures (designs, press prints, or shipping), plus orders rejected, returned or canceled due to any of the reasons are Not Refundable. There are no distinctions. For shipping duration, Mosaic Packaging does not provide any guarantee or assurance. Mosaic Packaging offers consumer solutions when effectively putting the orders.

  • Ships generally, within 10 to 14 working days after final approval of the proof.
  • Important – Mosaic Packaging, guarantees to ship within eight working days: Free shipping in the whole US and Canada. Products will be transported within eight working days of final proof acceptance.
  • Free Land delivery is provided within the US and Canada.
  • In all the situations, a final proof of consent must be provided by 11:00 AM EST; otherwise, an extra working day to the shipping times will be increased.
  • com will always function to print, produce, and send orders on a timely basis. Mosaic Packaging shall not be responsible in any situation for any effects, damages arising out of any interruption in the production, shipping, or distribution of the products purchased.
  • The disruptions of deliveries induced by technical glitches, weather conditions, and shipping company delays, foreign trade disputes, or any other situations beyond the direct control of Mosaic Packaging will not be held liable by all the customers of Mosaic Packaging
  • The production and shipping schedules of Mosaic Packaging are determined on the basis of the information given by our suppliers/partners and the recent purchase records.
  • com is always committed to ensure that production time is achieved. Unexpected mechanical problem, defect or technical issues can, however, disrupt manufacturing or transporting procedures.
  • If the printing or shipping procedures are delayed, rush charges or expedited fees, which were applicable, are reimbursed or waived. Due to delays in manufacturing and supply processes, orders cannot be canceled.
  • All the buyers on Mosaic Packaging agree to pay the products delivered to their respective locations, including all the customs duties and fees.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain customs clearance of products sold overseas (Out of the US and Canada).
  • Expedited shipments reach within six business days with some extra expense.

The Mosaic Packaging performs its most exceptional part in making everything flawless for the clients. Therefore, we at Mosaic Packaging are confident to provide you the ideal packaging solutions with competitive pricing. We have manufacturing capacities all over the globe, and we ensure that we think about our clients.

The manufacturing units are equipped in almost all parts of the world. Still, Asia is the most important place of all, especially South Asia, where efficiency and reasonable costs are possible, and the delivery issue does not need to be taken into consideration. We have the responsibility to sell you the products without extra and overcharging at your door.

Damaged and Lost Packaging

Customers shall check for any noticeable signs of damage and defective merchandise before receiving the products. All the products should be compared and matched with the receipt of shipment (similar to products included in the packing lists or invoices). In the case of damage or missing products, Mosaic Packaging and the shipping courier should be notified immediately by customers. Any losses or for lost goods, which the consumer does not file back within three business days of the arrival of the order, Mosaic Packaging will not be liable. Mosaic Packaging is not responsible for third party delivery mistakes, inaccuracies, or defective deliveries.

All the ordered products are usually shipped with a few additional products/articles, these are always free of charge.


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